Apple's iPhone 5 Event September 12th (Tech)


Apple's event at the Yerba Buena Center is less then 15 hours away. Plenty of rumors are circulating as to what the new iPhone will look like, feature, and even be called. Below is a picture of what many believe the new iPhone will look like, as a model like this was found. Personally, I found this design to be unattractive. If this is the new design, Apple has flawed in making it taller without increasing the width as well.

The new iPhone is also rumored to feature 4G LTE (about time Apple!), a 9-pin doc connector, which will cut out previous owners from using their collection of goodies with the new iPhone, a smaller simcard designed by Apple, headphone jack on the bottom (next to the doc connector), and a larger battery. Not to mention redesigned earbuds.

Also, what will the name be? Last years iPhone 4S was actually the iPhone 5, but Apple did not keep with it's record of number. And then with the release of the third iPad being called "The New iPad" instead of the iPad 3, leaves the door wide open for names. Will it be called the iPhone 5, the New iPhone, or something entirely different?

It's also rumored Apple will announce other things as well, keeping with their record of not just announcing one product. Seeing as iOS 6 was already announced earlier this summer, it seems as Apple would have to announce something different like a new MacBook Air, iPod, or iPad mini (if it exists).

Either way, what ever rumors are true, if any, I am excited and will be watching the event live the whole way through. And expect to see a post tomorrow with what Apple unveils.

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