LEGO Worlds - Thoughts So Far


On June 1st, LEGO released a sandbox style game on Steam Early Access titled LEGO Worlds. This game resembles the already popular game called Minecraft, but has several features that are only available through mods in Minecraft or are limited. Such features include vehicles to drive or fly, multiple mounts including horses, bears, and dragons, to name a few, and a building design similar to that of LEGO's Digital Designer. The game's play mechanics are like that of other popular LEGO games (LEGO Star Wars, LEGO The Lord of The Rings, etc.). Controller support has already been implemented and mimics the controls available in their adventure games. But as with any game still in beta stage it still has it's bugs and lack of (what I think are important) features.

Here are what I think are important improvements or addictions that should be made to the game:

  • First-person gameplay (similar to that of Minecraft)
  • A greater emphasis on an adventure mode
  • Multiplayer support with official servers as well as player made servers
  • Randomly generated cities and villages (pyramids and other buildings with hidden treasure are already available in-game)
  • More bricks to build with including doors and windows
  • Steam Workshop implementation
  • World options before creating new worlds to select what biomes generate, etc.
These are a few features that would, in my opinion, greatly improve the game. The game is currently singleplayer and building centered, which is what LEGO is all about, and this is what gears it towards a younger audience. If LEGO wants to reach a wider age range, two of the features I mentioned above, adventure mode and multiplayer support, will be an important components in this.

The game, though, is still in Early Access and I am sure LEGO has a lot of plans yet to be grafted into the game. They have a very good foundation to work with and this game has great potential to become one of the next top games. That being said, I do not feel the game has enough to offer to pay $14.99 for at this point. I would save your money for a more complete game and wait until this one has had more time to be developed. If you do want to check this game out, you can click here to go to Steam's store page for it.

Please leave comments below if you liked this post and/or disagreed/have your own opinions of the game!


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